Isteria di Massimiliano Valenti

The respectful approach towards the research of raw materials, the manual skills and the expression through the material are a common thread between the work of the craftsman and the work of the chef, leading to the development of personal and interesting creative processes.

For this reason part of our work is based on the creation of objects that convey a culinary experience: small customized artisan collections designed for the food they will host and for the countless emotions that food can give.

Ristorante Glam Venezia

The serving dish becomes an expression and the story of the product itself, suggesting a tasting order and enriching the course with unexpected effects.

Ristorante Glam Venezia

Pipero Roma

We like to tell the story of the dishes through shapes and colors and we like to do it by working closely with those who conceived them.

Achilli al parlamento, Roma. Photo: Stefano Delia.

Achilli al parlamento, Roma. Photo: Stefano Delia.

Luca Ronzoni

Experimenting with new forms is what feeds our work and we are happy to open new collaborations, not only related to the world of cooking, but also in new unexplored areas.

Achilli al parlamento, Roma. Photo: Stefano Delia.

Podere Belvedere di Edoardo Tilli

Like any art, ceramics requires care and skill, but time is also a fundamental value in the creation of our artifacts.

Each one is made entirely by hand and is therefore unique, even when replicated in several pieces.
Experimentation with different techniques and intimacy with our products are a requirement in our work and the reason why we favour small orders.
No pre-produced objects leave our workshop; instead, they are elaborated, perfected and customised from the moment the order is placed. This painstaking craftsmanship process cannot be defined by a precise production time:

it is the ceramics themselves that dictate the pace and timing of production.

Ristorante il Pagliaccio, Roma. Foto di Stefano Delia

Giovanni Olivieri

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