Raw material at the base of the ceramic doughs

Craftsmanship and love for ceramics are an immense family legacy for Con.creta.

Plaster molds to make the ceramic shapes

In the wonderfully calm atmosphere of our family workspace, different micro-productions of ceramics come to life, finely structured and designed to spread beauty in everyday life.

Among the shelves of this place, where shapes and shades appeal to all the senses, we share skills handed down for generations, exploring and experimenting with different techniques and materials.

Photo by Francesco De Marco.

Plaster molds to make the ceramic shapes

Ceramics made by natural colors and naturalistic shapes transmit the vibrations of the people who created them and they celebrate the union between functionality and quality.

Table items are created with the intention of inspiring and promoting an experience, transforming the simple act of eating into a beautiful moment of peace and connection.

Homeware objects are created as a celebration of beauty, the union between what is pleasing to the eye and quality of the object, created to last and play an emotional role.

The long history of this laboratory has facilitated a slow refinement in our taste combined with a methodical development of the skills of all the processes of traditional ceramics, refractory, stoneware and porcelain.

Photo by Francesco De Marco.

Raw bowl just out of the mold

The mastery of various techniques makes our work a gradual and joyful holistic experience, enclosed in every single object made by hand with care.